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  • Colour Conference 2022

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    Colour Conference 2022 — Sydney, Australia and Online
    SHADOWS & WONDER - Poets. Prophets. Everyday Women

    The Book of Acts declares that in latter times, God would pour out His Spirit, on both men and women, young and old, and that they in turn would become the history-makers, movers and shakers,...

  • Worship & Creative Conference 2021

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    Welcome to the WCC 2021 sessions digital download!

    Whether you're after masterclasses or the keynote messages, we've got it all right here. Stories and practical sessions that are both equipping and empowering to upskill you across different creative disciplines. Hear from Rich & Cass Langton, ...

  • Colour Conference 2020

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    Colour Conference is a global women’s gathering, hosted in Sydney, London, Cape Town, New York, Los Angeles, Kiev and Moscow by Bobbie Houston and the Hillsong Church team. Attended by thousands of women annually, the mandate f...

  • Hillsong Conference 2019

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    Hillsong Conference 2019 is all about championing the cause of THE Church of Jesus Christ — across every nation, denomination, age and background. It is for people who are passionate about the local church and the call of the Kingdom of God. This conference gathers the greater church, inspires fr...